Our reunion for 2019 was in Derby from the 17th to the 20th May.

The reunion price includes entry to any of the venues we visit that require an entry fee.

Saturday is a trip out somewhere of interest for the members.  In the past we have been to Trentham Gardens, Shugborough House, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Severn Valley Railway, to name just a few.  This year we visited the Crich Tram Museum in Matlock, on Saturday, and Buxton and Bakewell on Sunday.  We try and cater for everyone in the association, the ladies as well as the men.

Saturday evening is when we hold our Gala Dinner.  The night commences with a glass of wine before dinner, and once everyone is seated a candle is lit on the single table setting for our Absent Friends. At the end of the meal, and after our toast to Absent Friends, the candle is extinguished.







During the evening of dancing, a raffle is held with around 70 prizes donated.  This is done and dusted within 15 – 20 minutes, and then back on with the dancing.

Sunday, after breakfast, we have the AGM from 10:00 until 11:00,  followed by a trip out. (In 2015 we dedicated a Plaque at the National Memorial Arboretum, in memory of all RAF Armourers gone to meet St Barbara whilst serving in the Royal Air Force).

Sunday evening after the meal will be dependant on how much energy those of us staying will have left after the Saturday evening dance.

At one reunion in Stafford, another youngish guest was overheard to say that it wasn’t right that us lot of oldies were still on the dance floor at 23:30 and Not In Bed!!!!!!! (Nuff said).

We do enjoy our weekend get together so please consider joining  us.

2020 Reunion didn’t happen due to the dreaded Covid, so hopefully we are looking forward to a 2022 joint reunion with the RAF Bomb Disposal Association. Like us, they are losing members to St, Barbara’s and by combining our memberships we are hoping to achieve more members attending the reunions.

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