Newsletter 2017 – 1


President: Wg. Cdr. John Rush MBE, BA FCIM Ieng Fraes RAF [Ret’d]
Life Vice President: Fred Knox BEM
Chairman: Vacant
Welfare Officer: Fred Knox BEM
Vice Chairman: Bill Baker
Treasurer: Peggy Reading
Secretary& Membership Secretary: Des Stewart
Entertainment Member: Ken Brown
Service Liaison Member: Position Vacant
Partners Liaison Members: Jeannette Stewart & Gillian Williams

General Secretary & Membership Secretary’s Contact Details: Des Stewart, 31 Crossmead, Watford, Herts, WD19 4JQ – Tel No. 01923 461 056; Email:

Dear Member

2017 Reunion

You should have received your booking form for the 2017 reunion at the Appleby Park Hotel in Swadlincote. So far we have 53 bookings confirmed. If you are going to attend, please make sure that you return your completed booking form to Shirley or Vanessa of Isle of Wight Tours. If you would like to bring family members or friends, please add their names to the booking form.

If you really have forgotten to book using the form or think you have left it too late, please ring IOW Tours on 01983 405 116 and speak to Shirley or Nessie.


The AGM will be held, as usual, on the Sunday at 10:00hrs. As can be seen in the committee headings, the Chairman’s position is vacant, so we are looking for someone to take the role. There is one nomination at present.

At the AGM it is my intention to give the Association notice that I will be standing down from the positions of General and Membership Secretary at the 2018 AGM. I took over these positions in 2006, which I have enjoyed doing, but next year seems to be the right time for another person to take over the reins to take the Association forward.

KEBAA Merchandise

The new KEBAA blazer badges (10) have been sent to Keith Reading and will be for sale to those who want them for £18 plus £2 pp.

Also there are KEBAA wall shields available at £35 plus pp. Not sure at present what the cost of post and packing would be. However, as the shields are hand painted to special order, delivery at present is in the region of 8 to 10 weeks.

Other items for sale include:

Baseball Caps @£ 4.50 each; Headscarves @ £ 2.50 each; Coasters @ 4 for £ 1.00; Car Stickers @ £ 0.50 each; Key chains @ £ 1.00 each; lapel badge @ £ 0.75 each; Armourers ties @ £ 7.50 each; KEBA Ties @ £ 5.00 each; Credit Card holder @ £ 3.50 each

If you would like order some of these items listed, please let Keith know, either by email ( or telephone number 01526 323 885.


The website has had a bit of a makeover and been updated. It starts with the story of the origins of KEBA and where we are now. KEBAA in its present form has been going for 27 years, but like other Associations there seems to be a lack of new members wanting to join us. There have been several people looking at the site and shown some interest, and I have sent them details and an application form, but no applications have been received either by Peggy or myself.  

Talking of websites, I visited the RAFBEA site and they were showing details of the MoD Defence Discount Service offering various discount rates to ex service veterans. The cost of obtaining a Discount Card is £4.99 for 5 years. Those members who are online the web address is: – and for those not online I have attached a postal application form to the newsletter.

It seems such a good idea that anyone with military connections can apply for the discount but you must have proof of service to become a member. I have been accepted and have received my card.

Life after the RAF

Colin Greensides – I first met my wife in 1953 when she came to England for a holiday from Holland. In January 1954 I was called up for the RAF and in 1956 I managed to get the Dutch girl’s address. I wrote to her asking if I could come over for a holiday and the answer was yes. So that was the beginning of our relationship. I was demobbed in January 1958 and we were married 30th January 1958. We came back to England on the 4th February 1958, moving in with my parent’s, as we could not find a house of our own. In 1959 my farther in law asked us to come back to Holland and he would help us to find a house, and I would work with him in his business as agricultural contractor with machinery for doing work for the farmers. One of my brothers in law also worked there as well. Later on we made a partnership of the firm with name of BREURE. We also moved to a new house as we had also been living with my in laws for a while. The town we lived in was called Dordrecht near Rotterdam. In March 1966 we moved to East Flevoland which was a polder taken back from the Zuiderzee 54000 Hectare. You can see on Internet more about the Province, called Flevoland. Since we have been in Flevoland the Business has grown. We do a lot work for the farmers and canning factories, crane work for the builders. As well as in Flevoland we also work in Spain and Germany. In 1994 I retired from work followed by my brother in-law in 1998. Now my son has taken over the business.
All the best Colin and Adri Greensides. (Colin & Adri have now been married for 59 years, so there was something there all those years ago).

Do you have a story to tell?

Some of the companies KEBAA members have worked for: BAE systems, American Airlines, the Home Office, BBC Television, lecturer at Dundee University, Young Offenders Institutions, Lotus cars, the National Army Museum, Sotheby’s auction house, Health and Safety, to name a few of the many. What other jobs have we done?

I met an ex armourer, not a KEBAA member, who worked for a firework manufacturer and involved with putting on displays, but had also become a pacifist!

Members contacts

Does anyone know the whereabouts of this member? I have tried tracing him via usual methods such as telephone directories, BT Phone book, local papers to his last known address area, but it seems that he has just disappeared. He also might have emigrated and didn’t tell anyone.

499 Rod McGuffie;

St. Barbara’s

172 Bill Barker on 28th January 2017. I first met Bill at RAF Leuchars in 1957 when he was a Junior Tech. Never saw him again until I joined KEBAA in 2000.

338 Doug Barnes, 28th January 2014: I only met Doug once, as he used to come to the reunions with Al Silsby. We ended up at the NMA in the Japanese section, as we both had a connection. Doug was telling me that at the time he left Eastleigh, the Fleet Air Arm was short of armourers, and Doug was seconded to them. He later sailed onboard an aircraft carrier (can’t remember which one) for Singapore. He went on to say that they sailed from Singapore a week before the Japanese invaded, and a man behind us said “Yes, and I saw you leave”, at which Doug became all apologetic because he made it from Singapore and the other man didn’t. It turned out that he was a Commander in the RN at the time and was taken prisoner, and also said it was the luck of the draw as to who made and who didn’t. Towards the end of WW2, Doug remustered into Military Intelligence and was later involved with the Nuremberg War Trials from 1945 – 1949. He left the RAF with the rank of Wing Commander.

378 Dave Jenkins – 3rd March 2017. Dave had a good military send off as his son is in the Army, his daughter is in the RAF, a nephew is a Royal Marine and his son in law is an Lt/Col in the Army.




Des Stewart
Membership & Gen. Secretary