Newsletter 2015 – 1

Life Vice President: Bryn Richards
Chairman & Welfare Officer: Fred Knox BEM
Vice Chairman: Bill Baker
Treasurer: Peggy Reading
Secretary& Membership Secretary: Des Stewart
Entertainment Member: Norman Williams
Service Liaison Member: Position Vacant
Ladies Liaison Members: Jeannette Stewart & Gillian Williams

General Secretary & Membership Secretary’s Contact Details: Des Stewart, 31 Crossmead, Watford, Herts, WD19 4JQ – Tel No. 01923 461 056; Email:

Treasurer: Peggy Reading, 7 Fen Road, Metheringham, Lincoln, Lincs, LN4 3AA – Tel No. 01526323885; Email:

Dear Member
It is nearly that time of year when we meet up, have a good time, and go on for another year before we do it all again. Yes it is coming up for our reunion at the Sketchley Grange Hotel in Leicester, from the 8th to 11th May 2015. If you haven’t booked but intend doing so and if you can’t find your booking form, please ring Isle of Wight Tours on 01983 405 116 to confirm.

On Sunday, after the AGM, we are having a trip to the National Memorial Arboretum, where we are having a Plaque mounted and dedicated to all RAF Armourers who lost their lives during their service.
Reunions – The Future
Question – is it worthwhile keeping the reunions going? Year on year the reunion numbers are going down and this year we have 50, which is disappointing, especially as it is the 25th anniversary of the Association. Is it because we are all getting older, don’t feel like going, or is it the date that is not suitable and should it be changed to another month later in the year? I understand that some members have health or personal issues that need dealing with, who would like to come but can’t. As I said at the beginning, is it worthwhile to keep them going?
Subs – Annual Membership
Annual subs of £5 are due on January 1st each year for annual members. Subs can be paid directly into the KEBAA Account via the following details: Sort code 40 43 01 – Account No 61507257. Please add your KEBAA number as reference if paying by BACS or on the back of the cheque.

Life members, if they so wish, can make a contribution towards the accounts, and should be similar to the annual subs.

You can also pay by cheque, made payable to KEBA, by sending it to Peggy. Her address details are above.

Grapevine News
Sadly, I have recently learned that John Martin (KEBA 441) has had to go into a care home.

Bryn (KEBA 128) will not be able to make this year’s reunion due to ill health. We wish him well for the future.

Rod Palmer will not be attending this year’s reunion due to ill health. We wish him well in his in his progress to recovery.

What we do with our spare time

A number of members are involved with volunteer work with various organisations and/or museums to keep themselves active.

Don McGuirk has recently given up his volunteer work at the National Memorial Arboretum after a number of years there.

Peter Nash does one day a week in the workshops at the RAF Museum, Hendon, working on different projects.

Mike Halpin has been involved in sourcing the refurbishment of the Hunter XG194, that led the famous loop of 22 Hunters at Farnborough, by sourcing the ejection seat. Mike was also involved in finding a Vulcan 7 store carrier plus 7 x1000lb bombs and an SABT (Standard Airfield Bomb Trolley) for the Wellesbourne Vulcan. (See Mike’s Hunter story and the Wellesbourne Vulcan on our website under the Snippets of Info. See also for many photos of Vulcan XM655.



SABT (Standard Airfield Bomb Trolley)

SABT (Standard Airfield Bomb Trolley)

Loading Bombs into bomb bay

Loading Bombs into bomb bay

Fully loaded

Fully loaded


Ed Davies writes

Not long ago I volunteered to be a guide at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester. The museum is mainly for Gloster aircraft but include others, most notably for me a Vulcan cockpit.

Before starting volunteering I assumed most volunteers would be like me, ex aircraft technicians. It appears that most are aviation enthusiasts with no aviation technical background.

I find the public have an appetite for first hand knowledge on the exhibits. If, like me you enjoy talking about aircraft and have a fund of stories (who hasn’t) it is great fun and gratifying to show people around.


Vulcan Nose

Richard Peck House Cheque Presentation

Mike Halpin has found two photos referring to the cheque being presented to Richard Peck House on the 10th February 1997, and the Plaque showing the refurbishment of the lift.



This was the presentation of the £15,000 cheque to Richard Peck House at St Annes on 10th February 1997. People present, From the back left to right, .....? Ken Hillman,Trevor Caine,Mike Moore, Mike Halpin,Fred Knox,Chas Challis,Al Silsby,Colin Fosberry, Frank Deegan, Eric Cutbush, Mrs Hillman,........? Mrs Symonds,Matt Macintyre,Ann Mulvey,and Peter Symonds

This was the presentation of the £15,000 cheque to Richard Peck House at St Annes on 10th February 1997.
People present, From the back left to right, …..? Ken Hillman,Trevor Caine,Mike Moore, Mike Halpin,Fred Knox,Chas Challis,Al Silsby,Colin Fosberry, Frank Deegan, Eric Cutbush, Mrs Hillman,……..? Mrs Symonds,Matt Macintyre,Ann Mulvey,and Peter Symonds


The Bank statement for KEBAA accounts as at 15th March 2015 is well in the black


The AGM will take place at 10:00 on Sunday morning after breakfast. If there are any motions that members wish to raise at the AGM, can you please let me have them by the 3rd week of April, either via the post or as an email?

St. Barbara’s

KEBA 422 Tony Foster 25th January 2015;
KEBA 43 Norman Cunliffe 28th January 2015. Norman lived in Germany and had been ill for some time.
New Member
On behalf of the KEBAA Committee, I would like to welcome a new member to the association:

Terry Summers KEBA 540.


Yours aye


Des Stewart
Membership & Gen. Secretary

2 thoughts on “Newsletter 2015 – 1

  1. Dear Des,
    I noticed a picture of an association event in 1997 in the picture was Al Silsby, Al was a Flight Sargent at RAF Wittering, which was my first posting after I joined up and completed Armourer training at RAF St.Athens, then circa 1972, I went to 1 Sqn Harriers and Al did my training which enabled me to get my SAC promotion. Is Al still around, if so it would be great to make contact.
    Yours sincerely,
    Robert Howarth


    1. Hi Robbie, can’t remember if I did reply to you, if I didn’t sorry for the delay, as I have been in hospital having my right knee replaced in October. What with that and Christmas and New Year I’m afraid everything got put on the back burner.
      Sadly Al silsby got posted to the bomb dump in the sky Easter Monday in 2009.


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