Newsletter 2013 – 1


President: Wg. Cdr. John Rush MBE, BA FCIM Ieng Fraes RAF [Ret’d]
Life Vice President: Bryn Richards
Chairman & Welfare Officer: Fred Knox BEM
Vice Chairman: Bill Baker
Treasurer: Peggy Reading
Secretary& Membership Secretary: Des Stewart
Entertainment Member: Ken Brown
Service Liaison Member: Gary Smith
Partners Liaison Members: Jeannette Stewart & Gillian Williams

General Secretary & Membership Secretary’s Contact Details: Des Stewart, 31 Crossmead, Watford, Herts, WD19 4JQ – Tel No. 01923 461 056; Email:

Dear Member
Reunion 2013
All is looking well for our reunion in May, once again at the Tillington Hall Hotel in Stafford. I know that some members were not happy returning there again, but the reason was to give the committee a breathing space in selecting another area for 2014. At this year’s reunion we will be looking towards the 2015 reunion venue. Since Shirley took over the booking for the hotels, we as a committee do not have anymore running around looking for hotels to hold our reunions. If there is a problem with the hotel, Shirley or one of her team, is on hand to deal with it. Hence for 2015 we can suggest an area or county to Shirley, she then suggests a suitable hotel.

Calling All Golfers
I have made contact with Steve Bowler, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the RAF Armourers’ Golf Championships. How many out there knew of this Championship? The details are: Final calling notice for this event will be released at the end of this month, (March) and I will be on the distribution list. The Tournament started in 2001 and all serving and ex RAF Armourer’s are eligible to play. We normally attract around 100 players and have sponsorship from major armament and defence companies. This year’s tournament will be held at Boston West Golf Club, Lincs, on Monday 24th June. Teams of four can be entered and play over 36 holes for both team and individual prizes. This year’s cost will be £50 per player, which will include, bacon butty and coffee on arrival, soup, and sandwiches for lunch and concluding with a two-course dinner followed by prize giving. It always proves to be a great day and goes from strength to strength each year. Please be aware that the maximum number of players is restricted to 120, so early return of entry forms is advised.

Armourers Down Under
For those of you living in Oz, did you know that there is an RAAF Armourers Association? It is open to ex RAF Armourers via Associate membership. The website address is

There seams to have been a small number of ex RAF Armourers that joined the RAAF when leaving the RAF. The website is worth a look.

Treasurer’s Note
Peggy has asked me to remind members who have not yet renewed their subs to do so as soon as possible please. The financial year for subs runs from January 1st to December 31st that means that subs should be paid before 31st December of the preceding year. At present Peggy is saying that subs being paid in is down for this year.

This is also a reminder to those of us who are Life Members that although we are not required to pay subs, any donations we may make will be gratefully received.

What is an Armourer?
The following has been submitted by Nora Snowden:
The First Time I Met The RAF Armourers
Understanding The RAF Armourers And Their Mates
Is Hard To Do Without Knowing Their Traits
An Explanation To Help Outsiders Understand
Their Conversational Sarcasm When Shaking Their Hand
An Armourers Lady Friend, Who Had Never Before
Ever Entered The Reception Through The Hotel Door
It Was Quite Difficult To Completely Comprehend
Words Of Sarcastic Banter With A Suggestive Trend
An Explanation Of This, Is Laughter, Their Answer To Stress
They Laugh At Each Other While Newcomers Just Guess
Some Remarks Are Downers, Others Sexy With Laughs
These Lads Know Their Comrades And Some Of Their Gaffes
Outrageous Members Stand Out And Make Themselves Heard
Usually Caught Whilst Delivering Many A Leg Pulling Word
Prominent Characters Are Then Singled Out
Boomerang Bill Is Just One Case In Doubt
Takes Insulting Attacks For His Story Repeats
Coming Back For More Is One Of His Feats
Here Are Strong Minded Men Just Friendly And True
But Banter From Them Can Often Be Blue
When It Came To Say Goodbye, Promising They Will Return
They’ll Bring New Dicey Stories That Members Will Learn
There’s No Malice In Mind Of These Men So Bright
Veteran Armourers Are Crazy – Just Prove I’m Not Right.
Nora Snowden (from Yorkshire)

KEBAA Items for sale
Requests for any KEBAA items should be addressed to Keith Reading, as he is now the holder of all these items. These are:-

Ties; Baseball Caps; Credit Card Wallets; Ladies Headscarves; Coasters/Glassmats; Car Window Stickers; Key Rings; Members Metal Lapel Badges.

Spare A Thought

Matt MacIntyre (KEBA 94) is in the Cardiac Care Unit of the Gloucester Royal Hospital. It was surprising to learn that, as I thought he was going in for a knee replacement operation. We wish him well.

Rod Palmer (KEBA 115) is still waiting to find out when he will be able to have the treatment he requires, so until then he gets on with it, but until such time as he is mobile again he will not be able to attend any reunions.  Elizabeth has had a couple of mishaps, so she too feels as if she has been in the wars. We wish them both well.

Colin Greensides (KEBA 71) lives in Holland and is suffering from Alzheimer’s. If anyone does remember Colin he would appreciate contact either via email or through the Newsletter. These are normally read to him by his wife or daughter.

Following on from the raffle last year I forgot to give a mention to Sue Edmonds in giving help with the running of the raffle. Apologies for the omission.

Members Contact List

Included with the Newsletter, is the updated members contact list. If I have got any details wrong, such as address or have the wrong email address, please let me know. I know that some members have changed their broadband supplier, but haven’t informed me of the change of details. It is frustrating when my emails get bounced back to me and I can’t get in touch. It is the same if someone on the postal list moves and the letters get returned to me. I can only assume that they have either moved or gone to see St. Barbara, and will move them onto the ‘Lost Contact’ list, until I hear otherwise.

2013 AGM
The AGM will be held after breakfast on Sunday 26th May at 10:00 hrs. Anyone wishing to raise any issues please let me have them in writing, either letter or email before the end of April. These will be discussed under the Any Motions Heading. Please note, that if these are not submitted in written form, they will not be able to be discussed.

Motions for the AGM

  1. The amended Constitution was sent out to members asking for their vote on yes or no to the changes made. It was brought up at the last AGM but wasn’t ratified. I have included the amended Constitution with this newsletter, so those of you not able to make the reunion will you let me know your thoughts before the AGM please?
  2. Ken Brown will not be standing for Entertainment Member at the AGM. We are therefore looking for a replacement Entertainment member, whose duties will be explained in the Amended Constitution, when ratified. Any nominations should be forwarded to any committee member before the AGM, or can make a nomination if attending the AGM.

St Barbara’s
It is with sadness that the following members received their PWR’s to St. Barbara’s:
KEBA 354 George Davis Aug 2012;
KEBA 357 Norman Clements, Mar-2012;
KEBA 509 Don Owen July 2012;
KEBA 217 Fred Cook June 2012;

KEBA 72 John Hall, January 2013. Fred Knox wrote: On behalf of the Association Mick Halpin and myself attended his funeral at Westgate Road Crematorium, Newcastle on 4th Feb 2013. After the service we went to the Longhirst Hotel in Morpeth, where we met many of John friends from his service days and those of BAE people who were there. I hope we both gave support to his widow; he will be sadly missed by both the Association and the RAFBDA.



Yours aye
Des Stewart
General & Membership Secretary


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