Newsletter 2011


President: Wg. Cdr. John Rush MBE, BA FCIM Ieng Fraes RAF [Ret’d]
Life Vice President: Bryn Richards
Chairman & Welfare Officer: Fred Knox BEM
Vice Chairman: Bill Baker
Treasurer: Peggy Reading
Entertainment Member: Ken Brown
Service Liaison Member: Position Vacant
Wives Liaison: Gillian Williams & Jeannette Stewart

General Secretary & Membership Secretary: Des Stewart, 31 Crossmead, Watford, Herts, WD19 4JQ – Tel No. 01923 461 056; Email:

2011 Reunion

Thank you to all who attended the reunion and helped to make it such a resounding success, at the Ambassador Hotel, Scarborough. The comment throughout was that it was the best reunion for a long time. 88 bookings were made, but unfortunately, two people had to cancel through accidents or post operation recovery.

This is the first time we had used the services of Isle of Wight Tours (IOWTours) and Shirley Winn, the managing director, who was on hand to meet and greet members as and when they arrived, helped some of them with their luggage, liaised with the hotel regarding any problems that arose and generally lifted a burden from the shoulders of the committee.

Friday night was catch up time either in the bar or over a meal in the restaurant and was noisy with the sound chatter and laughter, which was great.

Saturday after breakfast, two coaches were laid on to go to either Eden Camp or York. Saturday night was the Gala dinner night, which consisted of a four-course meal.

Shirley had dressed the room with flags, balloons, the Union Jack at one end and the RAF Ensign at the other. As for other reunions that she arranges, she set a small table laid with a single setting and candle, which she calls the “Absent Friends” table, to give the feeling that those who couldn’t make the reunion or are no longer with us were remembered through out the meal. After coffee, a loyal toast to the Queen, KEBAA and Absent Friends were taken. At the reply to Absent Friends, the candle was extinguished and the RAF March Past was played.

John Morris supplied the music, which started at around 21:00, with the ‘Last Dance” around 01:20 with people wanting more. It was basically non-stop music with a very brief stop for auction items of hand made solid wood aircraft, kindly donated by George Reed. We have had John Morris before, but he was always tucked away. This time he was in full view of everyone, and the music played suited everyone, either for dancing or listening to. Even people who don’t normally dance were dancing.

The raffle was run differently this year to try and cut down the time taken to draw the raffle tickets and not interfere with the dancing. As it was the first time of trying, we realised that there were a few teething problems, which will be addressed for next year.

The auction held for the aircraft models raised over £200, which is being donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Eventually, everyone managed to get to bed around 03:00 Sunday morning!

Sunday morning the AGM was held, with a coach trip to Whitby afterwards, followed by the evening meal in the restaurant. After the evening meal, John Rush presented the waiting staff with a cheque for £100, as a thank you for all their help over the weekend.


The AGM was held, as usual, on the Sunday morning after breakfast.

The President, John Rush, opened the meeting by welcoming new members to the reunion, Barry and Joyce Hackwood, and welcoming back members that had not been for some time: Matt and Nancy MacIntyre, Keith and Peggy Reading, and Alan & Alex Vaughan.

Fred Knox, The Chairman and Welfare Officer expressed his thanks to all for attending and gave credit to Shirley Winn of IOWTours for the organisational and the running of the weekend.

On the Welfare side, Fred made mention of a message from Mike Halpin wishing all the best to those attending the reunion. Mike was due to come but was recovering from a quadruple bypass operation and was unable to attend.

Acting treasurer, Ken Brown, said that the KEBAA funds were in a healthy state and stood at £6290.22

Des Stewart, General Secretary and Membership Secretary said that from advertising in the RAF News and Flypast Magazine new members had joined. The latest member to join is Ken Wallis, designer of the Wallis Autogyro and of James Bond fame. Ken was a station Armament Officer and developed procedure for bombing the Canberra aircraft more easily. He shared an office with a fellow named Turpin, who met with a Colonel Shepherd and between them gave the Sten gun its name.

Some people were having difficulty in opening attachments in emails and it was agreed that in future all attachments would be sent in PDF.

Gillian Williams, one of the Wives Liaison members gave feed back from the wives on the weekend. Two main points were made; 1) some thought the raffle draw wasn’t up to standard and 2) could next years reunion be further south and most of the other reunions were in central England or further north. See AOB for further information.

Election of Committee

All the committee were re-elected en bloc with the exception of the treasures position. Ken felt that as Entertainment Secretary he didn’t feel comfortable with being the Treasurer as well and wanted to relinquish one of the roles.

As can be seen from the committee Members at the top of this newsletter, we have a new treasurer. There were two nominations for treasurer; Paul Steele and Peggy Reading. When Paul found that one of Peggy’s skills was as an accountant he kindly stepped aside to leave Peggy as sole nomination, and as such, was duly elected, much to Ken’s relief. Once the handover of the bank details have been completed, the details for the new treasurer will be made known to all members.


Subjects raised:

  1. Could all the old paper records that were no longer useful, be shredded? This agreed by the members.
  2. Life and Annual subscriptions. As the life membership fee was quite low, it was suggested that from the point of the 2011 AGM there would be no more new life membership applications, but those who are current life members will remain as life members. Annual membership will remain at £5 and will run from Jan 31st to Dec 31st for any current year. Members will be able to renew their membership by either sending a cheque to the treasurer or renewing if they attend any reunion. Those who are currently life members will not be required to pay any subs, but can make a donation to KEBAA if they so wish. This was proposed by Norman Williams, and Seconded by Alan Wilmot, with 1 against by Matt who thought that the new system may lead to confusion. It was agreed to review the situation at the next AGM.
  3. The constitution needs to be reviewed and updated. This was agreed by the members.
  4. Reunion for 2012. It was agreed that we use the services of IOWTours for next year’s reunion, but what was more difficult was where. As the members are scattered all over the UK it is difficult to accommodate everyone’s wishes. A number of places were nominated from the floor with results of show of hands in brackets. They are: Lincoln (15), Stafford (34), Bournemouth (11) & Portsmouth (14).
    However, to get a true reflection as to where to hold next year’s reunion we are asking all members who are thinking or able to attend, to let us know their decisions as soon as possible, so that we can contact IOWTours to make sure that we can get the place and venue of our choice. Please let me know your choice ASAP, either by email, phone call or letter. My details are listed in the heading.

St. Barbara’s

David Reaney KEBA 320: I have just received a letter from Barbara letting KEBA know that David was posted sometime in 2010. He was living in Spain at the time and it was only when the newsletter arrived that Barbara realised that KEBA had not been contacted with the news.


Attached are some photos of the reunion, with some happy go lucky girl dancing with two Union Jacks in her hair! She must have been enjoying herself.







Des Stewart
Membership & Gen. Secretary


  1. Do you have a computer and an e-mail address? If so can you let me have it please as I want to send out as many items by e-mail as I can to try an save on postage. If you haven’t got a computer please don’t worry about it. My e-mail address is at the top of the letter after my address.

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